tattooing the cranium

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26 with lots of potential!

The only tattoo i have is the one i gave myself, on my forearm, three yrs ago. I really wanted to see how it feels and how it heals, turned out not to bad.(please dont give me scratcher poop, i am ocd when it come to a clean room) I should have took the time in finding a professional, but i had fun and i love it. I spend most of my time tattooing fruit. I really want to start on pig legs from the butcher.

Im currently building my flash portfolio, in search for the right apprenticeship. Ive only been able to apply a few hrs a week but Im hopping to have it compleated by the end of the yr...

Im excited about stumbling acrossbthis sight, i cant wait to hear about everyones experiences

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Originally, this post was going to be about tattooing the area where my skull meets spine. Then realized that didnt really talk about who i am as an artist... as for editing my post, im having a difficult time using this sight on my tablet.

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for the longest, ive wanted to tattoo my skull. starting from the 6th vertebrae up to the top of my frontal lobe and possibly just past my hair line.

I have seen some video of cranium tats, seems they cause all kinds of issues during to the inking...

I would like to hear artist experiences applying the ink and canvas experience during the healing, dose the hair growth affect the healing....

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