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Greetings from the East Coast!


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Hi everyone, so I have a bunch of tattoos and I love seeing all the sick ink on this forum. Some of my work is not that spectacular, not that I mind my script or US Army tattoo in old english (even the tribal around my ankle that I got in the east village when I was 16) but I now have the income and smarts and I want to start getting some "grown ass man" work. Nice art I can grow old with. I am leaning towards a traditional theme along my left torso. Also, I would like to "modify" my 3/4 sleeve, its a tribute to all the places I have lived. I love every part of the tattoo (church, bridge, truck, mountains).... however the sky around my elbow from the joint of my arm to the back of the elbow is just overwhelming with blue and I would like to add some details to it as it is prime real estate, also the layering right below the tree drives me nuts, the roots of the tree were supposed to turn into lighting bolts in the sky. I am currently getting some of it lasered down to give whatever artist I choose as many options as possible, anyone knows how much further I would need to bring the blue to be able to get something over it. My thoughts are getting the mountains brought up, but it wouldn't match the negative space of the mountains i have now. Also, if anyone knows of any good artists in northern NJ that would be great. Finally, I see here sometimes people border on soliciting "draw me something". To be sure I am not, just thought I would share and bounce some ideas around with like minded people who appreciate quality art.

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jamie is doing a triceratops on my R chest

there are some details that we'll discuss as we get closer

looking forward to it

i more and more like the idea of getting tattoos from diff folk

i have basically only had 3 artists work on me so far

jamie will be #4 on 1/23 - will be tatt #12 essentially - meh who's counting ;)

i was with matt dunn @ rabbits den today (central jersey)

and he is super cool

as is the rabbit den vibe - mellow...

have another sit with Matt on 1/7

EDIT: would be remiss to forget to shout out to Broadway Tattoo in South Amboy - also a good vibe and good guys there as well - Spencer (also a good man) has done all my work there and I'm sure I'll see him again down the road

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