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App to manage tattoo shop

Regis Gl

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My forum administrator agreement (thanks to us, I appreciate), I would like to introduce a new 100% FREE Android Tablet app to help tattoers to manage their shops (customers management, tattoos projects, schedule). This application has been created for and by tattoers.

The aim for tattoers is to schedule their tattoos sessions, follow customers informations, have a look on their benefits, receive alerts to help in their job (warning if drawing has to be done, meetings to confirm....) and manage tracability

To load this app, go to GOOGLE STORE and find "TATTOO SHOP MANAGER"

This app has been optimised for 10'' tablets at the moment and will be launched on APPLE STORE later

Youtube presentation could be find here too:

For any questions, contact us at tattooshopmanager@gmail.com

Have a nice day


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1 hour ago, imperiorelojes1981 said:

the app looks great. But which tablet model is the best for this app? I have checked in https://www.safarinomad.com/best-tablet-for-tattoo-artists/

for the best tablet for tattoo artists but still can't decided. The ipad seems great but a little expensive. Thank you.

Quit trying to push this shitty app. This is a forum for tattoo enthusiasts, not tattoo artists. The scummy spammer above did not have permission to post his shitty application, they made 10 quick, inane posts so they could post it.

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