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Why skull figures?


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Hi last weekend Malta held the very first tattoo convention and I could notice that on most of the stands there were skull figures. I am very curious to know what is the relation with tattoos and skull figures? :) Thanks a lot :)

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Skulls may or may not be symbolic depending on the person.

Some people get skulls to represent the pain of death,some are gang related,some are just plain and simply to make a person look tougher(they usually do too!). Many more reasons as well. Skull tattoos are some of the most common tattoos that are done, with that being said a skull tattoo will have many varieties of meanings, it is impossible to categorize the meaning of the treasured skull tattoo.

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its amazing how mainstream they have become as a design

i work in a k-2 school and at least once a day i see a student with some kind of skull shirt

for the girls its mostly the sugar skull

or the skull with the bow at the top

as for the attraction - what could be more representative of man but the human skull

the protective armor of what ultimately houses our essence

or like mick would say - skulls are fargin cool :)

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Am I understanding that your question isn't why are there so many drawings of skulls, but why do they have actual skulls or models of such on display in shops? One reason of course would be, as everyone pointed out, that they're cool. Another thing could be for drawing reference, if you have the actual item you can pose it in any angle you want and draw from it as a whole reference, using books or the internet as a reference can only give you so many angles, and maybe you don't want a 3/4 perspective, just a little off from that or whatever. With the actual item in hand you can angle it exactly how you're imagining and get it detailed just so.

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