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Questions about Colorado Springs?


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Hey Hey all

Just put some feelers out there if any members are from Colorado Springs (the springs) or the surrounding areas?

The wife and I are interested in making a move out there in the next couple of years and wanted to know anything about local spots? food, fun, and of course tattoo artists.

We are headed out there in February and looking to see if we act like the natives how much we like it.

Again, thanks for any and all help I know it's not a tattoo centered question

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I'm interested in any answers you might receive!

I visited Colorado for the first time over the summer -- Ft. Collins, Boulder, Denver, Vail/Avon -- and totally fell in love with the state. I would consider moving there sometime in the not TOO distant future -- having all those mountains -- hiking, camping, rock climbing, & the river -- right in your backyard! Heaven. Sadly, Boulder already seems to be getting expensive (in terms of real estate) because I think people are catching on to how awesome its location is. I could see myself living there even if it meant indulging the super crunchy granola folk who tend to gravitate there, haha! (Not that I have anything against granola.) (I love granola.)

Anyway, ramble over -- sorry! Hope you get some replies from locals!

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Colorado springs is a really cool little city at the base of pikes peak, one of our many mountains above 14,000 feet, the downtown area is nice and well put together and there's a nice small town nearby (manitou springs? Sorry the name is escaping me at the moment)

As far as tattooing I'd say check out Tattoo Demon, opened up about a year ago, and you're only about an hour outside Denver so there's a lot of good stuff going on there.

Feel free to message me any other colorado-centric questions you may have and I'll get back to you

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