Shotsie Gorman

Tattoos and Blues Tattoo Convention Santa Rosa CA

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After Burt Rodregues passed the batton to Izzy the show has remained steady busy. Held in the Flamingo Hotel in Santa Rosa CA this show is like a walk through the past.

It has a limited number of booths and most of the artists have been doing this show for 15 years or more. It brings in a tremendous number of attendess and all the booths stay busy busy busy! It's small scale and the location gives it a strong sense of camaraderie Unlike the caddilac shows where there are hundreds of over-priced booths slews of killer artists and no one walks through the door to get tattooed as a result of outrageous entry fees and poor marketing.

There are free Blues bands playing in the lounge during the show. The food is good quality and the rooms are adequate and cheap. The Flamingo is a little long in the tooth but it's clean and affordable. This year there will be a special roast for it's founder Burt Rodreregus. Henry Golfield myself and many other artists from all over the US are attending there are interesting vendors as well. The supply area is cut off from non professional tattooers.


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Hey Shotsie, was going to add it to the calendar as well but the link goes to a flyer/site for the 2010 tattoo convention so the dates line up this year as Saturday, Sunday, & Monday? Is this accurate and the year on the flyer/site is just wrong?

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