Jennifer Stell

First Annual Oklahoma Tattoo Convention...2015

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So.... We're putting on a show....

April 24-26, 2015 in Downtown Tulsa, OK.... We are still working on the site, and getting artwork done, but....


We're trying really hard to get a well-rounded line-up together, and put on a nice event for not only the artists and vendors, but more importantly to showcase some amazing tattooing to our new home state....

Feel free to message me or shoot an email directly to the show if you or anyone you know is interested in participating, or just attending the event...



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    • I found out about trash polka a couple years ago. The thing that hit me as interesting was that the one who told me about it was talking about it in terms of a style that could work for a piece that is incomplete (like an ever growing piece that you’re always adding onto) but not actually look incomplete. Thoughts?
    • Never mind I finally found the information right after posting a question about it. Not even remotely surprised honestly. This happens way too often
    • Hello all. Quick question that I might just be over looking the answer. How do you become able to post original threads in other sections of the forum? I can only create a thread here, not in any other section of the forum. Thanks!
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