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Canadian here - Also question for finding archived flash prints


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Hey guys from Rick from Toronto, been lurking for a while and decided to make an account, i have both the tops of my feet done and a half sleeve ill put pictures up when im alowed to lol

this is my question

I saw a framed flash print from a tattoo shop that is no longer in business here, dated 2006, with a la looking sailor jerrys hawk with a blue human's face clutching a heart with the scrolled text and the other tattoo beside it was a dagger through a heart with some text, i know the artists signature had 4 characters in it ARON or something and the text in the scrolls was like what you would expect like "STAB HERE" or something

Anyways i was wondering how you guys would go about it to start the journey to find this peice of flash art? Is there a database anywhere you can type in like famous artists by name, date

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I get tattooed...and while getting tattoo I have conversations with my tattooer about stuff like this. The more you get into it, the more some of your tattooers will open up to you. Word of mouth, that's how! It keeps tattooing mysterious :cool:

I was getting tattooed once...and this gentleman in his sixties, and older local tattooer came into the shop to shoot the breeze with the boys. He always has a briefcase with him with old classic money-maker flash from the 70s, 80s, 90s...old tattoo memorabilia ...I got to see this old heavy sailor tattoo machine the size of handgun. Stories about Lyle Tuttle, Sailor Jerry Swallow...You hang out, you hang around and sometimes life will surprise you with some stories, lessons and more mystery.

Welcome bud!

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