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Hi from Northern Ireland


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Hi, just joined and typing this up on my phone so apologies in advance for any typos. I'm a female addict of tattoos. Heavily tattooed, tops of arms, right ribs, left hip, thighs/tops of legs, tops of feet, inside right ankle, right lower leg and will be going back next week to get one on lower left leg finished. Today week to be exact! After not getting tattooed for years, next week will be my fifth session this year. I haven't done too badly. And they haven't been small tattoos either.

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Thanks :) Here goes, bare in mind some of my tattoos are 15 years old. Sorry, for large images, couldn't work out how to do thumbnail.

Right ankle (where ankle joins the foot): This design was amended from a cross-stitching design.


Top of right foot, (memory tattoo)


Top of left foot, (unfinished)


Right ribs, (memory tattoo)


Right leg:




Left hip (friendship tattoo):


Left leg:





Right arm:


(The black sun, moon and star are a memory tattoo)


Left arm:





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Thank you :D

- - - Updated - - -

And from this year...

Right lower leg, below the knee.

Demon and Girl



Japanese Mask with Snowflakes and Spiderwebs


How he merged the Mask with the Demon and existing ankle tattoo


And finally Angel Tyrael from Diablo...


Angel Tyrael is unfinished, I'm going back next week to get it finished :)

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Went to edit posts with tattoos but can't, due to system locking that function after 24hours. So will put in the artist name and studio here. Tattoo pics are on the first page.

post #6

Right ankle (where ankle joins the foot). The sleeping baby dragon tattooed by Jinx at Belfast City Skinworks, Belfast.

Top of right foot, (memory tattoo). Linden on a scroll around a white rose. Tattooed by Ash at Alternative Art, Northampton, England.

Top of left foot. twin snakes. Tattooed by... memory fails on this one, sorry. It was done by a tattooist in a tattoo studio on Yonge Street in Toronto. Can't remember much more than that. It was done 13 years ago and it was after a long day's work. Sorry, if it comes back to me, I'll let you know.

Right ribs, (memory tattoo). Tattooed by Pert at Inkcastle, Belfast.

Right leg. The sea dragon wrapped around the cross, looks like going into skin. Chinese warrior bunny rabbit, both tattooed by Skull, Belfast City Skinworks, Belfast.

The Giger piece with tribal surround. Tattooed by Tommygunn at Belfast City Skinworks, Belfast.

Left hip (friendship tattoo). Tattooed by Pert at Inkcastle, Belfast.

Left leg. The two Giger pieces, both tattooed by Ash at Alternative Art in Northampton, England.

The world, tarot design. Tattooed by Big Al at Inkcastle, Belfast.

Dragon wrapped around a cross. Tattooed by Pert at Inkcastle, Belfast.

Right arm, done at Inkcastle, Belfast. 1st pic. Black Widow spider and Capricorn goat by Big Al, Shumaira tattoo by Pert.

Right arm, 2nd pic. Celtic Hare by Pert. Capricorn goat and sigil by Big Al. Sun, moon and star (memory tattoo) by Big Al.

Left arm, done at Inkcastle, Belfast. 1st pic. Kamea of Saturn. Tattooed by Big Al.

Left arm, 2nd pic. Chinese dragon. Tattooed by Pert.

Left arm, 3rd pic. Grey bunny rabbit. Tattooed by Pert.

Left arm, 4th pic. Celtic knotwork, Nature's Child, Spirals (covering scars), IRFU logo, Eye of Horus, and tribal phoenix by Pert. Pentagram by Big Al.

post #8

All work done by Tommygunn in Belfast City Skinworks, Belfast.

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