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Most of the linework for bottom half of full sleeve, Black and grey reapers.


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Here are a few pics of most of the line work of the bottom half of full sleeve. Line work of screaming skull still to be put on, will go beside Reaper with sickle and will be facing back and looking at anyone behind me.

img-20141128-00477_thumb.jpg img-20141128-00471_thumb.jpg img-20141128-00472_thumb.jpg img-20141128-00473_thumb.jpg img-20141128-00474_thumb.jpg

Keep tattooing and trust your artist :cool:

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Is this how you help new people to the site? after receiving SEVERAL comments from SEVERAL different people all about the same thing, about posting different comments, but not knowing that I should use the same thread, and being jumped on about it, not just by the one person, I am a little tired of this and will find a site where they will be a little more helpful to new people. I made a mistake. I strongly suggest everyone who mentioned it and especially the passive aggressive people who make COWARDLY cheap comments, to look at how sensitive THEY are. This is a pretty crappy 1st experience with a forum, and hope to find one with more mature people, who are here to talk about tattoo's, what they mean to them, and the culture and not who can be the biggest man hiding behind a computer. If I doubted moving to a different forum, this experience has helped make up my mind.

Mister J< Come to Halifax and you can see in person, how sensitive we are, instead of hiding behind a computer

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Whoa! Um, I don't think anyone said anything to warrant that type of response from you directed at everyone.

If you are not comfortable here, that's fine. No worries, no one is forcing to you be here. You'll probably feel more comfortable somewhere else then.

But, since you appear to be trashing me as well, then I'll just go ahead and suggest a little more strongly that you listen to your heart about the shading before you finish that sleeve. You know, where you thought it was dark and wondered if it would fade?

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    • Looks fine. Just keep it clean.
    • Crawl back under your rock. Quit your spamming of your shit web site.
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