December 2014 Tattoo of the Month Contest

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Last contest of 2014 folks!

The rules:

The tattoo picture that gets posted in this thread for December 2014 with the most 'likes' for the month wins! The contest starts on the first of the month and ends on the last day of the month.

  • Your tattoo picture must be posted in this thread (both tattooers and tattoo customers can win) in order to qualify.
  • Include with your photo/post...tattoo artist name & tattoo shop.
  • You MUST be the one who has the tattoo or did the tattoo.
  • You can 'like' as many tattoos as you want.
  • It can be a finished or in progress tattoo.
  • You cannot enter the same tattoo in more than one contest.

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I haven't posted in forever, and I guess I never entered this one from Steve Byrne that I got over the summer in Austin.


This is still the best photo I have of it, but it healed nicely. Arm is just about done other than very small gap fillers.

Based on this World War I German propaganda poster about the dangers of Bolshevism that I saw earlier that day in a World War I exhibit in town.


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Oni Head by Stewart Robson guesting at Blackheart tattoo before the SFO convention.

This shot is from today, healed.

BOOM in your face, @Cork you're not the only one with a massive Japanese tattoo this month, haha!

I like this, but not I'm not going "like" this. Jerk. And look at all that open space around it, what an amateur.

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Great tattoos this month, I'm glad there weren't a lot of entries. I was hoping the holiday would work in my favor, haha. I've wanted a shirt for a long time now, thanks for voting for me!!

Even if there were a lot of entries, the second I saw your post I knew immediately contest over hahaha

Good work and congrats homie.

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