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Hi, I'm Kekewy and I live in southern Indiana.

I got my first tattoo several years ago, and well... it was not a good experience. The guy that gave it to me was a neighbor that said he used to work in a tattoo parlor but couldn't anymore because his anxiety had him home bound. I'm not sure how much of that story was true, I found out later he lied about a lot of things, being a tattoo artist may have been one of them, but the tattoo he gave me isn't the best.

Lesson learned, though. I'd like to get more tattoos now, but I'd like to get them done by good artist that know what they're doing. So I've been looking into what good tattoos actually look like, trying to learn as much as I can.

As a Yule present to myself, I'd like to get the first tattoo fixed or if that's not possible covered up. So now I'm trying to find a good artist around Louisville, KY, Indianapolis, IN, or Cincinnati, OH, that can do this. The tattoo is on my ankle and it's an Egyptian themed piece, done in colour. So far I'm not having much luck with my search, because while I've found several good artists in those areas, few of them have pictures of any cover ups they've done. Also, I'm more than a little nervous about biting the bullet and getting this done. I don't like the tattoo as it is, but I have that worry in the back of my head that trying to fix it will make it worse.

Can anyone point me in the direction of a few good cover up artists in either of those three areas? I'm female, so if I could find an awesome female artist that would be great.

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Several reasons actually. One, I have a lot of anxiety about being touched by someone I don't know. Getting a tattoo is painful and is going to make me pretty anxious as is, having another female doing it would be overall less stressful to me than a guy. Also, from what I've seen the tattoo industry is pretty much male dominated. I work in a male dominated field as well, so when I have the chance, I like to support females trying to make it in fields/professions that are traditionally male dominated.

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