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We have a knitting thread so why not a sewing thread? (pun intended) I am sad that I never took photos of all my work, and some photos got lost. But here is what I have. I sew by hand, my mum taught me over 30years ago and I also taught myself counted cross-stitch.

Cloth Napkin. Hand-sewn cloth napkin. Material is printed flannel.


Jewellery Pendant Roll A roll I made to hold pendants for my chain. The pockets for the pendants are made from scrap fabric. Held in place with safety pins to give it a different look. The ribbon is scrap ribbon. The material for the roll itself is flannel.


Cutlery Roll for that work thing, to match my napkin. Material is printed flannel and ribbon is scrap ribbon.


I make my own bread and had nothing to store it in. So I took an old tea towel and I sewed by hand to make a bread bag.


Altered fingerless gloves (comission piece)





Hand-sewn Sith Stalker costume for my build a bear lion. Sith Stalker is from Star Wars: The Force Unleashed video game. It's not a game I've played, but a friend mentioned it and said it would be cool to make a costume of this. The boots came from a charity store, the combats came from build a bear. The lightsabers I made from fimo (oven based clay), the belt is a small brown leather dog collar. The rat's tail, was made from hair extensions that were sewn into the back of the helmet. Everything else was sewn and "blood" added. I'm really pleased with the end result, considering this was my first full costume make. Some detail was done in crochet.





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