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Anyone out there willing to help me design next tattoo?


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Hi all

Ok so I have 3 tattoos currently which are all black. I am looking to get my 4th one and perhaps my last after the New Year. I came here for help in designing my next tattoo. Yes I know I could ask my tattooist, but would love to get other people's design from all round the world. I am not a great drawer nor can I design, ergo my reason for coming here. I have 3 possible places around my body to have the tattoo so haven't really set a permanent spot. I do have some ideas floating about on what I would like. Here they are: (I am Italian...that is the reason for one of the ideas)

1. Possible outline of the map of Italy. I dunno if anyone knows, but the shape of Italy resembles a boot which is why sometimes the country may be referred to that of a boot. I would love to have a funky looking map of Italy. Here is a link to the actual map of Italy. Outline of Italy. But I would love to jazz it up, keep the shape of it though but may it look funky...jazzy looking and of course would love it green, white and red. I am trying to not have a 4th black tattoo. If I was to have this....it would go on my shoulder at the back to the left or right.

2. I love California/Hollywood....I am obsessed. Would like to have the word Hollywood or City of Angels written below my neck on my back, but I would like to add something to it...like wings but dunno how to incorporate it into the word. Or I would like it going up side of my back, but maybe this kinda thing would be better below my neck on the back.

3. Lastly....I adore my mum. Have the word Mum written but again...have wings be incorporated into it. The word Mum would be in the middle and have wings around it or either side, I dunno which would be better.

Those are my ideas and if there is anyone out there willing to help me in designing this, please reply. As I said..I cannot design or draw to save my life but these ideas are running around in my head and would love some help.

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<partial thread derail>

In all seriousness, as much as everyone says "Go talk to your artist," if you don't already work with someone, there can be a real mental roadblock because once you take that step to book time to talk with an artist, there may some expectation (real or imagined) from either or both of you that you need to follow through with whatever is suggested.

This phenomenon isn't just tattooing but a number of non-trivial transactions that require face-to-face interactions. The notion that talking to the vendor means "ready to purchase." That's why we research cars online now rather than descending uninformed into the new car dealership with a big "sucker for the extended warranty" light bulb over our heads. (When I purchased my last car, the sales guy informed me quite matter-of-factly that my husband would want me to get the extended warranty for my protection since I drive a lot. That sent my husband through the roof when I informed him of this fact. After all, did he not want me to be safe? ;))

I get it that there is a gap between waiting a tattoo and not being sure about the content and timing and looking for some brainstorming ideas, and on the other hand, being ready to commit and schedule with the artist. I think some people end up at LST looking that chasm in the face and are unsure how to deal with it. And we send them back to an artist.

I sat staring across that chasm for a decade, and maybe this is why it resonates with me.

Maybe there is a thread for this, or there should be. It could include some activities such as:

1) Directive to research your possible reference material more, and provide ways/places to do that,

2) Provide links to stuff on LST and elsewhere along the lines of the thread: http://www.lastsparrowtattoo.com/forum/general-tattoo-discussion/2396-what-makes-good-tattoo.html

3) Recognize that you need to talk to people in person. Go to a convention and talk to everyone.

I am sure there are more. YMMV.

The last one worked spectacularly for me because I couldn't get the warm fuzzies from portfolios or people saying that they could do what I thought I wanted. It was less a hurdle for me to wander around a convention and talk to artists because the commitment factor was much much lower.

Sorry I derailed this thread a bit because I think @Diana90, you said you plan to stay with your current artist, but I think you are facing the same thing.

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#1 Get a cowboy boot

#2 Don't get the word "Hollywood" on the back of your neck. That is super cheesy.

#3 Mom with wings is going to look like a memorial tattoo and look pretty generic. I'm sure you have many things that make you think of your mom. Be creative. I got a dragonfly for my mother when she died. The design was based off a stained glass fridge magnet.

Tattoos don't need to be so literal. A picture is worth a 1000 words. In fact tattoo meanings can change and develop as you wear them through your life. A tattoo image can also mean nothing at all, that's just fine too.

research this:



my mom is from Sicily...which is why I thought of this image first. The three legged Trinacria is a symbol of Siciliy and good luck charm. Would make an excellent timeless tattoo, provided it is made well. Now, don't poach my idea! (joking, not that I have much room left anyway!)

The desire and idea for a tattoo needs to either come from within yourself...or off the wall at a tattoo parlour. The answers are there! Do some research, look up Italian folk art, symbols on the regional flags, history. Religion is a big part of Italy's history and culture (and the Madonna makes a very inspiring tattoo). Get a bunch of grapes with vines and flourishes. Be creative, put some effort in.

It's way to easy these days. You just need to google your idea (or poll internet strangers and let them do the work for you A_O!) For my first tattoos (St.Christopher & St.Francis) I spent lots of time in libraries and used bookstores looking for religious history and images. I even spent a few afternoons in churches just looking at the stained glass murals.

The more you put in, the more the tattoo gives back.

(now go see a tattooer to make it reality)

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