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3 day "water park" holiday


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Just got home from a 3 day vacation at an indoor water park and hotel in Tennessee.

I realized a few things! (There were probably 1-2 hundred adults at any given moment in the park)

1.) as a rough estimate, there was at the least 100's of thousands of dollars in plastic surgery walking around that place

2.) there was half that or more in tattoos

3.) I don't pretend to know very much about great tattoos, or claim to have great tattoos myself, but more than half of the ones I saw were just terrible.

Just observations...I love bad tattoos as much as the next guy ?

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Terrible tattoos don't cost that much ;)

I see this every year at the State Fair. They're not just randomly in swim suits, so they have to show them, they're intentionally showing them off. And they're clearly getting tattooed in someone's garage. I suspect people with really good tattoos are trying very hard to keep them covered from the August sun.

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Good point about the State Fair.

The MN State Fair is almost like a bad tattoo contest- although there are plenty of very good ones as well and all are fun to see. I actually had an elderly lady come up to me once and say that mine was the best tattoo she had seen all day. She was talking about the Koi flower pot with Thai peppers that is my avatar pic.

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