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Neo traditional artist recommendations!!


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So I've become really intrigued with what I think are neo trad tattoos. I love how they look and will stand the test of time unlike most color realism. My favorite is instagram @fruduva. Can people on here rccomend artist in usa similar to this ? Is it called neo trad or something else??Thanks so much!! I started my leg in color realism but want to finish in this style as I know they will last longer and I like the way they look too!im in Virginia so anything around here would be preferred but not needed as Im used to traveling far for work.


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Based on the pictures you posted, I don't think many people would refer to that style as "neo-traditional". Neo-traditional stays pretty close to it's traditional roots, but with a wider color palate, and wide open subject matter.

Personally I'd refer to the style you like as color realism really. Perhaps a little more illustrative, but realism none the less.

I can't help you with any artist recommendations, but I think you'd be unsatisfied with a "neo-traditional" artist.

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Hm, I would have called it neo traditional, although some parts are admittedly quite realistic.

Anyway, a few more in UK/Europe (maybe keep an eye on them in case they travel?)


Matt Adamson

Sneaky Mitch

Marco Schmidgunst

Anthony Cole

Lauren Jayne Gow


A bit more your way perhaps (sorry, if they are super far from where you are...from my point of view, they are roughly your direction ;-)):

Rose Hardy (NYC)

Eckel (just re-located to Vancouver)


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yeah I know of erin I actually have a apt I backed out on last year so she still has my deposit I should jump on that, there was a tatooer from Washington state maybe Oregon who did amazing work like this I wish I could find his name

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I always thought of it as Neo-traditional as well, or even modern traditional.

I have no idea where these people are based compared to where you are, but have a look at these IG accounts (sorry I can't link them here as IG is blocked at my work):


Justinhartmanart - Justin Hartman

Thedrowntown - Mike Moses

Deadmeat - Nick Keiser

Scragpie - Sam Smith

Have a bunch of others, but they are based in Australia so probably no good to you.

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