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This may be opening up a can of worms, but... when you were a kid, which superpowers did you wish you had? Why? What about now as an adult, which superpower do you wish you had? Why?

I used to wish that I could swim underwater like a fish, without a scuba tank, or a snorkel, to just breath the water because I loved swimming and being underwater that much. I also wished, and still do, that I had the ability to take people's pain away.

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when i was little i always thought of Invisibility on command or wolverine healing.

I've actually put some thought to Wolverine getting tattooed... imagine healing while the tattooer is dipping for ink. As I put some more thought to it, the ink probably dissipates before he has a chance to fully enjoy the work. But hey... he could probably get a new body suit bi-weekly!!

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