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lace tattoo


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So, I promised my cousin that I'd pay for her first tattoo on her 18th birthday as a gift, since she's like a little sister to me.

The good thing is I get to chose her artist so I know she'll be getting quality work done, the bad thing is that she might be dead set on getting a lace-like tattoo style done.

The picture provided is the one she showed me and she wants something close to that. The thing I'm worried most about this is the longevity of the tattoo since it's mostly just lines very close to each other, I don't want her to end up with a huge blob of black ink on her arms later down the road and regret it lol

So any advice of this style of tattoo would be nice and any recommendations of artists in the midwest would be appreciated as well. Thanks!

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A good tattooist can make such a tattoo last, but a great tattooist won't get the lines too close together (providing long-term clarity). Your example above it pretty tight-knit - a little more than I'd want to receive . . .

I'm not familiar with anyone in the mid-west who "specializes" in fine lacework, but there probably is a dozen or so who could pull it off.

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