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Tattoos in Turkey, who, where, what?

joakim urma

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So, I'm flying to Istanbul with my girlfriend tomorrow. Another friend asked me just now if I'm getting tattooed or just traveling. Hadn't given it a thought really so probably I am not getting tattooed. But I still love to visit good tattoo shops and talk to artists. Istanbul is a huge place so I guess there should be at least a couple good quality studios.

Any info on worthwhile tattoo places are much appreciated! (As well as general info and things I should know/not miss while there)

We're staying in Istanbul for at least five days and then we're going to some cities close by, haven't really decided where yet. I don't know anything about tattoo culture in Turkey so any kind of good info is of interest.

Thank you!

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I don't know anything about Tattoos in Istanbul but I do know that it's a great city. Have fun riding the ferries across the Bosphorus and, if you have time, take a longer ride up to the end and check out the ruins of a Byzantine castle.

I have a tattoo inspired by the Medusa columns in the Basilica Cistern which is also worth a look as long as you are there.

Also, the food is fantastic! Have fun.


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