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Art Tattoo Quebec, May 29-31, 2015

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Pierre and Val who run Tattoomania in Montreal and who are the excellent folks behind the annual Montreal tattoo convention, have partnered with Jay Marceau and D-Markation in Quebec City to hold the first annual Quebec City tattoo convention. Anybody who has been to the Montreal convention knows how good it is: there are plenty of world-class tattooers there working in pretty much every style, and it's just a really fun convention with a really good atmosphere. Quebec City is also a gorgeous city to visit. The lineup so far is looking to be great. I'll have to see where I'm at with my back and how much money I'll have available to get tattooed but I'd really love to get something from Deno.

Here's the website, facebook, and instagram for the convention with information about attending artists:

arttattooquebec | Art Tattoo Quebec



Is anybody thinking of going to this? Me and @Pugilist will be there for sure, and it would be cool to have a little LST meetup if anybody else will be there.

- - - Updated - - -

I should also mention that you can get proper poutine in Quebec. I know that everybody who comes from out of province to the Montreal convention wants to eat poutine, but Montreal poutine is pretty crappy compared to the stuff you can get off-island.

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I'd really like to come to this but there's not much chance since I'm headed to Texas in March. Poor planning on my part to some extent - especially if the poutine is really better. I thought the Montreal poutine was quite delicious, actually!

I will definitely try to get out to this next year though. I haven't been to Quebec City since our Grade 7 class trip.

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They keep on announcing good artists and today they posted that Mike Wilson and Angelo Miller from Inksmith and Rogers are going to be attending. I hope my back is in a place where I can put some money aside to get tattooed because I don't want to miss this opportunity.

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