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Bunny Switchblade

Bunny Switchblade is in da house!!!!

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Hello everyone....I am Bunny Switchblade!

Some of you may already know me and some of you may not!!!

I have been a tattooed individual for 28 years now and seen a lot happen over those years! I am a collector/enthusiast and have been tattooed by 49 artists to date! I seek out the best artists I can find to be tattooed by! I have a very satisfying collection that i hope to continue to be adding to for years to come! I also have a deep passion for the craft of tattooing and it's rich history.....although I have never seriously though of tattooing as a career!

Anything else you would like to know please feel free to ask!

I am an open book!

I like to think of myself as a collector of fine art....with my skin being the canvas!

Thank you for the chance to introduce myself!

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welcome Bunny...looking forward to seeing some of your art ;)

Hi Tammy!

I posted an album with some of the tattoos in my collection on my profile page!

Please check them out when you get a second and let me know what you think!


Welcome and thanks. I enjoyed your other post under first tattoo and look forward to hearing more tattoo stories and seeing pictures. Maybe a tattoo blog????

Well......I keep getting asked this question but i have never really thought what i had to say was that interesting or maybe it is just that i underestimate myself as to what might be interesting about my exploits to others!

Let's just say i will definitely give it some thought since you have mentioned it!


Hey Bunny - welcome to the forum and thanks for joining!

Thanks Steve!!!

I really like the vibe here already and I am looking forward to seeing how it comes along!

Hi Bunny!

Looking forward to seeing you again in Pittsburgh! It was nice to see you in Baltimore.

Ahhhh....the lovely Cara!!!!

How are you doll???

So nice to see you here!

I am going to do my best to make it up to Pittsburgh even if it just for a day!

It has been years since we attended and I am really looking forward to it AND of course seeing you and Jason there!


I think this is also the first time I have ever successfully multi quoted in a thread before...ha ha ha ha!

Thank you all...I am honored to be here!

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