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On ‎8‎/‎8‎/‎2016 at 4:51 PM, SStu said:

PREACHER!! Can't wait for season 2.

I must admit, I did not watch season 1 and as someone who was into the comic, I am ashamed.  Glad it was made into a show though.

I will for sure be into this once I start getting it on demand.

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Northwoods law


Jail:big texas

Cesar 911

Lone Star law

American Pickers

The Walking Dead

Fear the walking dead

Z nation

Ink Master

My cat from hell

to name a few ! LOL

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"Designated Survivor" is pretty good so far (though it's obviously colored a bit by Kiefer's previous role on 24) and "Superstore" and "The Good Place" are very funny. 

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i don't have Vice TV included with my cable anymore, but luckily this is on youtube.

there are parts of this episode that might really piss you off, but there are other parts that are positive and even a bit heartwarming. either way, even this first episode i've seen has shown a nice peek into the various worlds and stories within tattooing. i'm looking forward to seeing more.


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I'm watching Bates Motel (again because I'm trying to learn english) oh man I love that series but I hate Norman Bates, that little piece of man!!! hahahah and I'm gonna start to watch American Horror Story (4th season).

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    • I had a similar problem: I wore jeans (I have to work) and they chafed my then-new tattoo, causing scabbing, and then discoloration. While getting other work done with my artist, I asked him about it and he said to wait. Here we are a few years later, and the color has healed fine: there's no brownish red anymore where the scabs were. So a touch up isn't necessary at this point. Now, the color falling out is a different issue, which will most likely need a touch up, and my tattoos are tebori, but the lesson is that allowing the body to work its magic over a longish period of time isn't an unreasonable or unheard of thing.
    • We didn't say what you wanted us to say so you deleted it?
    • Why on earth would you wait a year? That has happened in spots here and there on both of my sleeves, but a few months is more than enough time to wait before a touchup.
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