best TV series

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the sopranos

the wire

the shield

twin peaks

ridget(from lars von trier,unfortunately unfinished)

la piovra/the octopus(italian police/mob series from80's)

prison breaks wasnice at first for the concept and the tattoosbut after 1st season sucked big time

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Damn, this is a tough one... so tough that I need to categorize:


1.) Deadwood

2.) Breaking Bad

3.) Sopranos

4.) Six Feet under

5.) Treme (Waaay underrated in my opinion)


1.) Curb your enthusiasm

2.) Seinfeld

3.) Extras

4.) The Office (British version)

5.) Bored to death


1.) South Park

2.) Family Guy

3.) Futurama

4.) Simpsons

5.) The Ricky Gervais Show

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You hit it.

1.) The Wire

2.) Twin Peaks

3.) Married With Children

4.) Law And Order: SVU

5.) 30 Rock

Fuck yeah to all of these, especially SVU! Only one I was never into was Twin Peaks, but everyone seems to love it and I recently re-got Netflix. I'll add Oz and Dexter, and second Seinfeld, Curb, Sopranos and Deadwood. New guilty pleasure is Modern Family and I also started watching Sons of Anarchy. Goddamn TV..

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I've been out of the loop of tv for a while haven't watched a lot of new shows in like 9 years but here are my favorites in no order:

Married with Children


Top Gear (UK)

Anything history related

Old shows on Discovery Channel prior to 95'ish, like fangs

Ren and stimpy

[edit] Just tried to search for fangs, not sure if that's the right name. A show about animal preditors. But really any good documentry type animal show, shot in the wild will work. But haven't seen one in years.

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