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So I'm pretty much a packrat. And I have 1000s of hours of VHS video in various rubber maids around my house. Some commercially produced stuff. Some literally one of a kind transfers of old 8mm films that were left to me when older friends passed away.

I found out last night that my "dazzle" video hub doesn't work with a mac, so I put an order in for a Apple compatible device. Soon I'll be transcoding old films to digital.

I'll try to remember to post links to anything I put on youtube here, though some of the footage (Cliff Raven tattooing naked) may not be everyone's cup of tea so I'll use discretion.

First up is some NON naked Raven, some classic Realistic Tattoo stuff with Hardy, Irons, Salmon, Zulueta and the gang. Just have to wait for the hardware to arrive!

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Oh man, what treasures!! Can't wait to see what you upload.

I'd even be interested in buying some if the quality turns out ok and you burn some dvd's. If that's something you'd consider of course.

I'm kind of a nerd when it comes to stuff like that. YouTube is great and all, but nothing can compare to watching it on the old television :)

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any chance you have that zeke owens movie??? i used to have it on vhs, but would love to get a dvd of it.

Hmm. Honestly not sure. I have a lot of the common stuff (Signatures of the Soul, The metamorphosis II stuff, et all) and a lot of home video stuff. It'll all turn up eventually if I have it.

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I wish the commercially produced stuff would get legit dvd releases; I don't want to step on anyone's toes but I figure I'll put them online until someone says "hey, I hold the copyright to those, you dick". Then I'll pull them.

as a rights and reproductions assistant, that is a totally legit thing to do.

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Ugh. So I uploaded the first video to my facebook account- it's been "processing" for an hour and I just got a "we're sorry, we encountered problems" message and it's been deleted. I always export movies to facebook from my iMovie with no problems, so.... I'm clueless.

We'll see if the Higgs/Corbin youtube upload is more successful. If it is, I'll move the Hardy one there.

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