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Shops in Memphis?

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I might be stuck in Memphis this weekend due to a scheduling snafu. Does anyone know of any good shops there? I tried searching on Google but came up with about 7000 results, and I'm not quite sure how to go about sorting through them. Don't have the best service here in the Midwest, but once I get east of Cheyenne I should be able to get some more research done.

Appreciate any help in advance, not so excited that the company put me in this situation again, so I would like to come out of it with a new tattoo if I could.

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Sorry for the late reply, I broke my phone shortly after posting this.

I appreciate the replies very much, but in typical fashion the company has now changed plans again and I'm headed the other direction. Thanks again, I'll definitely keep Mike Fite in mind as I've actually seen his work before and really like it, just didn't know where he worked.

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