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Brag Art List Lives - Android Only!


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Hi folks,

Search the Android Market Place for 'Brag Art List'

Apple is not released yet but should be next week.

Well finally the first phase of the app on Android has gone live and can be downloaded.

I am for now just keeping the info its live to the forums for a first feel and until Apple is released, which will hopefully be next week. Then I will hit all my social medias, artists etc with the info its been released.

The description I hate lol Sounds like a Janet and John book, so that is being redone but for now you can if you wish, read the cheesyness ha! :)

I would really appreciate if people could 5 star and write a review on it as the best thing since sliced bread lol on the actual app to help it climb in searches.

But I would really like the hard truths, feedback's, criticisms, suggestions etc here please.

Please be brutally honest here :)

There is a small icon in the top left corner for searching, Country, City, Town, etc or you can manually use the touch screen.

I really wanted it to launch with the links to the artists social medias to use the in phone apps instead of the browser but for now it isn't implemented but it will be :) I also want to add search by artist name but that's not for launch :)

Artists working at the same location will show as just one marker until pressed and then it will split as it zooms in to more markers for the other artists, so don't forget to check those out :)

As the app gets more and more filled with artists, it will start to look like a mess I think, so I have a design solution for this to be implemented at a later date, if the app does well.

I started with 500 artists, some from my original map and some new but mostly ones from the original map. Gathering and researching every artists info and exact coordinates etc takes ages. I have another 300 ready to add and another 1500 artists to research and gather info for before uploading them.

I have/will be adding all kinds of styles to try and cater for everyone. I have a huge list of traditional artists to add. I mean some of the ones I have found, I really do not like the style but they are well done for that type of style (I hope lol) If you guys spot any artist that you think should not be on there please also mention it below. I had so much info that I might have missed to take out some. Also the styles I don't like but they look well done to me but I am not experienced really in these styles, so again if you see in the future anyone that you don't think should be on the map, please say so in this thread :)

Conventions - some have the old dates they were on and these will be changed soon as a date for them comes available but some are already available for this year.

The app is free with adverts and 99p to remove them. Apart from the money to make the apps, the support fees at the moment are £300 a month just to run the app and then of the 99p Google and Apple will take 30% aswell, minus VAT as well, greedy cunts lol So for every paid download I get like 50p lol

Anyhow, please let me know what you think, even if you think its shit, I want to know and wont be hurt or offended :) and how it works on your devices as we could only test it on a few handsets as I don't own every phone in the world lol So I hope it works on everyone's devices. I tested it on my phone which is a flag ship phone, so it runs super fast for me but I tested it on some cheaper phones and it was slower due to all the markers but that is to be expected I guess :)

It has been made for both mobiles and tablets.

I grew up with Graffiti and that shows itself in the design, it was more a personal taste thing and I wondered if it should have been made a more sterile/simplistic design like most but then thought fuck it, I want something arty and different from the generic tattoo sites lol

What do you think of the Logo, marker designs etc?

All and any feedback welcome :)


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One thing, on my phone the ad at the bottom covers what I must assume is the - of +/- zoom for the map. What does it take to de-ad it?

This is one of the things I must change. I will put the remove ads button on the front page, at the moment its on the map top right corner. Its 99p to remove them :)

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Just downloaded this, really cool so far. I can't wait to see more traditional artists added, but just FYI it's going to be your fault when I'm broke all the time now.

This is perfect for me as I constantly travel around America so now I can always find where to get tattooed. Thanks!

Thanks mate :)

Oh yes mate I have loads of traditional artists to add, I will be adding every style imaginable. Once I start uploading these when ingot all the info, you guys expertise on traditional and input would be awesome!

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