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Do you have multiple tattoos of the same design?


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I already have a parrot tattoo. I want another one by a different artist. I don't want to be teased mercilessly by the kids at school. They'll call me parrot boy.

I recently saw an image of a guy on Instagram that had his chest done with nothing but swallows...all the same size and style. They were just flying around his chest. Skulls I can understand because they are just bad ass.

Do you guys get certain tattoos just because they look good and you don't care what they are, or do you purposely mix it up?

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I have a mix of things that are incorporated in multiple tattoos...

4 tattoos with roses

2 tattoos with an anchor

3 tattoos with an eagle

3 tattoos with a snake

then a few tattoos of the same main subject...

3 skull tattoos (+1 with a skull)

2 heart tattoos

2 dagger tattoos

2 monkey tattoos

I try to mix it up, but ^these^ things still happen. I kinda want more goldfish.

I saw a dude at the SFO convention with legs covered in girl heads by some great artists. anyone know this guy?! I'd love to take a closer look. i'll try to dig up the pic.

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