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Hi there - I'm Lia, and I figured it was finally time to stop lurking. I've been crazy about tattoos since I was tiny - I'm 27 now - but I just haven't had the funds to get the work I wanted and so stayed away from staring at tattoos/thinking about tattoos/talking about tattoos as much as I possibly could (it was too much of a temptation). I'm hoping that now is the right time to finally, finally get to work on some of my plans.

So far I only have two pieces: a nine year old quote on my right forearm which may/may not end up covered up (depends on how sentimental I'm feeling that day), plus the Narnia lamppost illustration (forest, snow, the whole thing) on my calf. Right now I'm not sure if I want my next tattoo to be a lady head or more black-line illustrations on my leg; I guess it depends on what the waiting lists are like with the artists I choose.

No pictures yet, since my poor old quote tattoo isn't worth the pixels and the lamppost is still pretty fresh, but hopefully I'll have something to show for myself soon.

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what and who by are you considering next? Where are you located

I'm in BC, Canada and I'm still making some decisions, both about the designs and the artists. For the lady head I'm almost 100% sure I want to go for Chris Hold, but I still want to do a little more digging first and finalize some thoughts before I make a move. The black illustrations are a different thing altogether... it's a newer idea so I'm still playing with how I want it to be laid out, and since they're going to be pretty direct copies I'm not as fussed about who I'm going to get them from as long as they're solid. I still need to decide what illustrations I'm going to get anyway - I know I want the white stag from Narnia to go with my lamppost, but I'm going to dig through my books to find some more ideas. (Here's the original lamppost illustration to give an idea of the style I'm going to have going.)

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