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hello from new zealand!


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hey there guys!


Here at Otautahi Tattoo we offer a warm, hygienic studio with the finest NZ tattoo artists open 7 days a week till late. We have all the qualities of an upmarket tattoo studio along with the necessary extras to provide the best custom tattoo design and art.

With great levels of excitement going around and some awesome things happening in the pipelines, Otautahi Tattoo, three years after our relocation to K Road, are heading back to their roots and are opening shop again back in our home city of Christchurch, the Garden City, in late August. With a strong crew coming on board and some familiar faces, the new location in Christchurch will be a spot to keep an eye on!

With our recently opened tattoo studio in Queenstown is located at 45 Camp Street in the heart of the city bringing a fresh tattoo shop to New Zealand's tourist capital. We’re open seven days 10am till late with an 11am start on Sundays.

Our aim is to avoid the stereotypical tattoo 'parlour' and create a warm and inviting and hygienic environment to help add to your Otautahi tattoo experience. With competitive prices and some of the finest tattoo artists in Auckland, Queenstown and Christchurch, along with the rest of New Zealand, we cater to all fields and genres, providing superior consultancy and tradesman excellence in accordance with the latest health and safety, hygiene standards in each of Otautahi Tattoo' three tattoo parlours.

We are currently on the look out for new guest and resident artists for our Auckland branch!! we're on the lookout for some new members for he crew. we're loping for experienced artists mainly specialising in neo-traditional and japanese style tattoo work, but we're open to any inquiries out there! ideally we're looking for people in their late 20's to early 30's who're a bit more grounded and wanting a solid steady spot to work from for the long haul! we've just had two members of the team leave and have created this opening so the hunt is on! get in touch with the Auckland crew directly on (+64)09 337 0694, [email protected], or reply to the thread here itself and i can easily put you in touch with the Auckland team themselves too!

artists, we're waiting to hear back from you!


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