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Excessive bleeding


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Hi everyone, I'm Cat. I got my 3rd machine done and 8th in total tattoo yesterday, by an artist I haven't gone to before. My two other machine done tattoos bled minimally, and none of my five handpoked ones bled at all, but this new one bled excessively, and as it also hurt much more than any of the others did I'm a bit worried the artist may have gone too deep. He is licensed, a member of SRT (Sweden's Registered Tattooers), and his portfolio looked good, but I don't think this much blood is normal



This is how it looked once I took the plastic off and cleaned it;


Today it feels much more sore than any of my previous ones have, and moving my shoulders forwards or backwards hurts. Is this all just because the upper back is sensitive/prone to bleeding or did he indeed go to deep? If this is all fine I'd like to go back there as the place was very clean and professional and the people were nice, but if he went too deep I obviously wouldn't go back.

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Hello and welcome to LST.

Bleeding "allot" does not necessarily mean that the artist went to deep... Usually the mixture of blood, plasma, ink makes it seem like you have allot of blood.

Are your other pieces as big or about the same?

Some artist are just heavy handed... But to tell you the truth in my own opinion you can only judge this by your self during the heeling process if he went to deep or not... It's hard to tell by a pic.

I might me be wrong though.... :)

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I have one that burnt like white hot metal scraping over my skin.

I thought at first its because my skin is more sensitive in this area, but more than a year later, the skin is raised with too much ink and scarring.

I didn't blame the artist until I went back for the piece on my right shoulder.

My left forearm didn't bleed at all, but the artist never finished the piece on my right shoulder due to excessive bleeding. Now, both are scarred where he worked and the skin heavily raised.

I will post the pics as soon as I figure out how [emoji55]

Lemme try here.

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Welcome @hhharkness. Like the above posters said, the tattoo looks fine. The "excessive" bleeding was because your artist put saniderm or an equivalent product over the fresh tattoo and it keeps the leaking plasma in, when it would otherwise be leaking into your clothing or bedding. There's a thread about healing with it here:


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I had one on my shoulder blade that bled and leaked worse than yours for many hours after the tattoo, and I was not wrapping. As in, blood still oozed out and rolled down. It was much worse than any other part of my back. (I'm also not a spring chicken.) My tattoo artist suggested that skin that has more sun damage sometimes has a more difficult time healing. I also bruised spectacularly, as it was near my armpit.

This pic was about 15 hours afterwards, after a couple washings, and it healed fine. The fish got another complete pass on it to add all the scales and details maybe 6 months later this. So don't worry.

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