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Frogs and Toads


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I looked and couldn't find a thread on this topic, admins feel free to delete or merge this thread with an existing one if there is one.

I love tattoos of frogs and toads. I'm not sure exactly why that is, because they aren't an animal that I think about that much in real life, but I think there are few tattoos that have as much folky charm as frogs and toads. I saw something on Instagram the other day, I can't remember where, but somebody was commenting on how toads, especially Japanese toads, can also have this real sense of menace. I think it's super cool that they work so well as a subject in both kinds of tattooing: Western traditional and Japanese.

I know that a bunch of you here have frog tattoos, so let's see them, and post some of your favorites.

Here's mine, done by El Monga at Aloha Tattoo, Barcelona. Monga does some of my favorite tattoos, they're so fun and playful and have a real magical feel to them. The tattoo is obviously healed.


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