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Too funny. Someone gave me the nickname years ago and it stuck. I belong to some other solid interwebs groups and delighted that I wasn't attacked *immediately* as fresh meat. So, thank you for the hospitality. Of course, I may regret saying that... <grin>

Let's see more about me that anyone would find interesting. The tattoo above is only my third. For some strange reason, each tattoo just keeps getting bigger and bigger (I know everyone's shocked). I'm also a bit of a smartass but kind at heart. I'm an IT professional, married, two bad dogs and very active in the music scene. Hell, even the charity that I volunteer for is a rock and roll based non-profit.

I see that you're from PA...I live on the other side of the state near Pittsburgh.

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He's a sweetheart. Loved the shop, too. The guys were in good form. :)


What is his wait list like? Would like a koi from him sometime.

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    • Welcome!  In these times (and I don't mean Covid related times) it's pretty common to have to wait and patiently pursue the artist of your dreams - assuming you're stuck on just one artist. I actually waited almost 2 years to get to sit down in front of a particularly busy guy. Throwing down extra cash might work with some and piss off others. Working with personalities is always a gamble . . .  What style of tattoo are you desiring? $1000 will buy you traveling options . . . 
    • I am ready!  Really just focused on design and finding the right artist... seems like the best ones that focus on the style I like all have their books closed.  I would happily pay a premium fee to use one of these artists... considering the fact that this thing will be on my body for rest of my life, something like a $1k "bonus" to the artist seems like a no brainer to find the most talented.  Any ideas how to broach that subject?
    • Hey guys. In like 2016 a film student made a video of an old session of mine getting waves and leaves added to my turtle by Takashi Matsuba in his old studio. Thought I'd post some stills from the video here. The video's locked, but it's cool.
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