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I was filing the "this just in" pile of my record collection and found this David Allen Coe outlaw country record I had picked up a while ago, with super-cool tattoos on the album artwork:



"To all who hear me let them know that this is the truth. And to those that see me let them tell their children they have witnessed a miracle. And to those that love me let them forgive my shortcomings. And to those that despise me let them spend half the time in Hell that I have. And to those who judge me let them look in the mirror. And for those that want it here is one more tattoo. Take it its yours."

Got me thinking about other album covers and musicians with tattoo art...I know there have been a bunch that influenced me at an early age. Especially that Santana album, blew my mind when I first saw it as kid. post em up!

- - - Updated - - -

Santana - Abraxas


Rose Tattoo (!!)


Johnny Winter


DLR being awesome


...and my personal fave...Vybz Kartel


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@Mark Bee

It's ok if you like old time country. I'm from Alberta so it gets a pass lol (my punker and reggae friends, we all like good honky tonk stuff). There is a couple rippers on it but mostly slow ballads. Nitty Gritty Dirt Band feel. I like it because the cover is awesome and I really like the little poem on the back. I'm a pretty heavy record collector so even if I don't listen to it, something like this album belongs in my collection. I'd rather listen to Charley Pride though.

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@bongsau That Santana album cover is one of my favorites. I would go through my dad's collection back when I was a pre-teen just to get a glimpse of that perfect boob, and then listen to Samba Pa' Ti.

- - - Updated - - -

Disclaimer : I am a huge "Dead Head", not your typical stinking hippie though (No offense to any hippies :) ) Seeing hundreds of Dead album covers, I always felt that the artwork was tattoo inspired or great reference for awesome tattoos. Here are some of my favorites that I feel would make good tattoos or inspiration for a tattoo. "Seems like the least I could do"

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    • Back at the shop yesterday to see Andrew (he did my most of my leg stuff plus a few others). Webs either side of my sternum heart. Once we finished, he said he will see how it heals and do some touch ups- and that we need sowing above the daggers to balance it. I suggested a mini Web, so we're going with that. Will be living in wire-free bras for a bit (material is softer so less irritation) while healing. I had to laugh , no bra and you can't even see the webs 🤣. Thanks kids and gravity.  I've booked a weekday with Kyle in August for my elbow, but I have an opportunity to teach so looks like I need to shuffle my elbow appointment yet again. I'm going to see if I can't get in earlier in the month.  Anyway, super happy with the webs, I fully expected to hate my life choices but it was one of the easiest ones yet. The bottoms of the mermaids sucked way more. This was just lots of vibrations. Happy days!
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