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Anyone able to identify what these tattoos represent?


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I've seen this style of tattooing done by a lot of black work tattooists.

Here's some images




with this particular one, the line with the zig zag and the circle under the chin, i've seen that in a lot of buddhist imagery. anyone have a name for it?


i asked on another forum and one user said it might be related to moroccan wedding tattoos: Kenzi / Morocco

anyone able to shed more light?


ps. hope this is in the right forum. if not, feel free to move to the appropriate location.

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If you look at patterns of Berber face tattoos, or Harquus patterns, you'll notice they're kinda similar to the tattoos you posted. You'll also see similarities with the patterns in assuit fabric and Tuareg jewelry (the shapes of the jewelry as well as the etchings on it). If you want to decipher what those tattoos mean, I guess you could also research the symbolism of the aforementioned examples.

When it comes to these simplified, geometric, pattern-based tattoos, you could point to several different cultures and find similarities. Humans have been adorning themselves for so long with these kinds of shapes, it's almost impossible to guess what the artist is basing their designs off of (unless they're explicit about it).

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Hi all. I'm new here and looking to get clarification on a tattoo as well. Does anyone know what the tattoo on the left bicep stands for? i have heard a couple of different interpretations to this. it appears to look like a Y with a Cross on it. any info would be great. manualforspeed_tduoffday_lachlan-2.jpg

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