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New to LST and Tattoos!


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I'm a newbie but a long time tattoo enthusiast. I have yet to get my first tattoo but am looking to get that soon and hit the ground running. I already have many plans/ideas for tattoos but joined this site in order to get insight and recommendations from other people who know tattoos best.

Looking forward to learning a lot and to start covering my body in art!


- - - Updated - - -

Actually, if anyone is feeling up to dishing out some advice right now I need some help!

One of the tattoos I am looking to get is my family coat of arms. Being a female I'm not quite sure where the best place on my body to get this done is. Obviously the back in between the shoulder blades is a good spot but I'm unsure as to whether or not I want to reserve that spot for a different tattoo I might get down the road. So where else would be a good spot for this??


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Welcome! Well, if you are thinking of doing more than one, then putting something right in the middle of your back, if it isn't really nice and big, will prevent you from using that great real estate at a later time. However, the only place I've ever seen one on a female is where you've stated. Why not upper arm?

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