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Parents Get Tattoo of Child's Birthmark

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By the time thst child is in her 20s the birthmark will most likely only cover some of her thigh, where as her parents' tattoos are going to be giant and red more-or-less forever. I saw this article on my facebook feed earlier, and at the risk of sounding heartless (I am sure they are very thoughtful and lovng parents) I feel that they should try and help their child embrace their individuality, as everyone is different - rather than go to such extremes just to make your child feel 'normal'. I dunno, just found it kind of odd.

Edited because I just read through the article and saw that her birthmark appears to be growing with her. So this could be something that could cause her to feel self-conscious. However this does bring up an intetesting question, how will she feel about her oarents tattoos as she grows older?

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