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Hello everyone,

I am new to this site but not totally new to tattooing. I used to spend a lot of time on BME when I was a teen and got my first tattoo at 22. I recently at 29 got my 2nd and 3rd tattoos, though I might just consider them my second since they go together. While I love tattooing and would like to get more tattoos, I consider myself to be very indecisive and so I have to mull over tattoo ideas for a long time before committing to one.

I joined the forum here because there seems to be a lot of intelligent discussion regarding tattoos and tattooing, and I like that the focus here seems to be on quality tattooing. I hope to learn more than I currently know, maybe get some advice, and hopefully contribute to the great discussion here. Because I take so long between tattoos I feel like things have changed so much between them! Or maybe things have stayed the same and its just the difference between artists lol.

Thanks for reading!

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Hello! I'm the same way as you, it takes me a long time to make decisions. It took me three years to figure out what I wanted on my back but once my mom mentioned "dragon" I was ready to get a tattoo that week. Hopefully your next idea will just hit that elusive mark and you'll know. It was the same when looking for an artist too. @SeeSea sounds like you might know where your happy place is, haha.

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