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Podcasts! New, old favorites, tattoo-related or not.


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So that post recently about the straight edge podcast got me to start listening to podcasts, and I realized how awesome they were. Personally, they are great for me as a long haul trucker, because they stimulate my brain a little bit more then music that just ends up being background noise.

I figured we can share our favorites and maybe all find something new to enjoy. Whether they are tattoo related or not, or on any subject, post the ones that you find interesting and maybe a brief description.

As I'm very very new to this, so far I only have two to share.

"BBC World Service: Newshour" updated twice daily, they seem to focus on the biggest news issues around the world that day, and go fairly in depth on those instead of skimming over a bunch of smaller news items.

"TED Radio Hour"

Similar concept to TED Talks, except they have one presenter, then they choose a subject and get several different expert opinions or view points on that subject. They often play segments from those expert's TED talks, but much of it also comes in interview form.

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I mostly listen to comedy related podcasts with a side of nerdy information, here's what I listen to when I draw and/or lay in bed restlessly (yay insomnia!)

The Nerdist:

3 nerdy comedians (Chris Hardwick, Jonah Ray and Matt Mira) discuss comedy, pop culture, and all things nerdy. The first 60ish episodes all have special guests, comedians, actors, musicians, etc. after that they started doing an extra episode each week with just the hosts, so they still have guests all the time, but also talk amongst themselves. Very funny, and it can give you a different look at "show business"

The Cracked Podcast:

List based comedy website, Cracked, in podcast form! These guys are hilarious and very well researched for each weeks subject, they also nerd out about comedy, but they also have discussions on just a whole bunch of cool topics that I enjoy hearing new perspectives on. Scroll through the episode list and see if any topics pique your interest, I'm sure after a couple you'll want to go through and hear them all.

Unpopular Opinion:

Adam Tod Brown, another Cracked writer has his own podcast, he's a huge dick and all the comments on his articles are pretty much hating on him. I think he's the perfect kind of sarcastic asshole so I like listening once in a while.


Kevin Smith and Scott Mosher chatting it up about making movies together, life, and comics.

The Thrilling Adventure Hour!

This is a comedy show in LA in the form of an old timey radio show, it's recorded live, they have different comedians and actors on most episodes, and they act out a number of different scenes. Funny stuff.

Welcome to Night Vale:

This show is fantastic. A radio show played in the form of community updates in a fictional desert town called Night Vale. The dark, twisted, weird, Lovecraftian goings on in this mysterious place will keep you on the edge of your seat. If you ignore all my other suggestions, just listen to this, it's awesome. All hail the glow cloud!

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Current Podcasts:

1. Canadaland - media criticism

2. Wham Bam Pow! - Maxfun podcast about action movies

3. The Futility Closet - fun and quirky stories of historical oddities

4. As it Happens - CBC news and current affairs

5. Serial - the story of a murder case, told in long form, over several episodes

6. WTF - Marc Maron's interview show with comedians and musicians

7. Bullseye w/ Jesse Thorne - Reboot of NPR's The Sound of Young America

8. The House - Canadian political current affairs

9. 99% Invisible - podcast on design, process, architecture

10. RadioLab - A "Big Ideas" podcast about culture, art, science, etc.

I love podcasts and I listen daily. There are a ton more that I'm trying out and I'm always looking for more. The list above has been on my phone for a while, and each is a good listen, in my humble opinion.

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Awesome stuff so far! I've added quite a few of these to my list; really interesting stuff.

Out of all of them, "Serial" was definitely the most intense! I ended up listening to it Netflix-binge style. I'm still not sure exactly what to make of it all, but I definitely think it was very well put together and very interesting.

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I know of Invisible Radio (Do more, Troy!) and Sullen Radio (Newest one with Jack Rudy was cool), though are there any other tattoo-related podcasts?

One podcast I frequent that hasn't been listed is Everything Is Stories. Typically 40min - 1hr podcasts that have a guest tell their story. Mostly focused on outcasts and outlaws, definitely worth a listen.

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Some very interesting tips in this thread. Thanks for sharing!

The ones in English that I listen to regularly:

- Entheogen: three guys talking about subjects such as psychoactive drugs, spirituality, meditation, philosophy, mental health. Sometimes with guests, most often themed episodes around differenct concepts.

- The Joe Rogan Experience: first I was allergic to him and his voice but now I can't stop listening. He gets some really cool guests and makes long episodes discussing different subjects.

- Dan Carlins Hardcore History: Long episodes about historical events or periods of history. Brings a lot of sociology and politics into it too. Sometimes he makes multi episode stories. 12 hours about Djingis Khan or the Luteran reformation, great stuff.

- Why are poeple into that?: podcast on sexuality in all it's different forms. Interesting discussions with guests. The host Tina Horn is an actor and producer of queer erotica.

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I'm gonna check out Cheap Heat. I was a Colt Cabana fan but yea... that went away shortly after WWE made their own BS podcast

My current go to list:

Dan Carlin's Hardcore History

the Patch (geeky video game stuff)

Free Speech with Gavin Mcinnes

Smartest Man in the World With Greg Proops

The Anthony Cumia Show

Star Talk


and losing interest but still listen to Bill Burr's Monday Morning Podcast

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I'm gonna check out Cheap Heat. I was a Colt Cabana fan but yea... that went away shortly after WWE made their own BS podcast

The Cabana podcast is fun at times, but I kind of lost interest as he was running out of entertaining guests. It's more entertaining when he knows his guest, too.

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The Cabana podcast is fun at times, but I kind of lost interest as he was running out of entertaining guests. It's more entertaining when he knows his guest, too.

I agree, can I ask your take on the CM punk interview he did. I've seen a lot of people trying to discredit him/ the interview. I don't know enough to say, but it was wild to me. especially learning he made like $00.18 a shirt or some mess like that from his merch

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I agree, can I ask your take on the CM punk interview he did. I've seen a lot of people trying to discredit him/ the interview. I don't know enough to say, but it was wild to me. especially learning he made like $00.18 a shirt or some mess like that from his merch

The Punk episode was incredible. Sure there's two sides to every story, but I'm with Punk on this one. I could talk for awhile about that topic. He's definitely the pioneer for guys on the Indies making it in the WWE.

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Nerdist, as mentioned already, is great. I can't keep up with them all, but worth a listen regularly.

How Did This Get Made - Paul Scherer, June Diane Rapheal, and Jason Manzukis (I probably just spelled all of their names wrong) talking about bad movies. It's fantastic most of the time.

Productive Outs - One dude from Thrice and another from Kowloon Walled City (with incredibly Scott Sylvia tattoos!) talking baseball.

Overnight Drive - Very niche and specific, but dudes from (or formerly from) Self Defense Family just talking about stuff. Sometimes heavy, sometimes funny, sometimes boring. Not for everyone, but I'm stuck on it.

Serial - Worth a listen if you missed the hype.

Edgeland - I posted a while ago and it was already mentioned, but a good weekly talk about hardcore, straight edge, tattooing, skateboarding, wahtever.

100 Words of Less and Going off Track - Two good punk/indie/hardcore/emo related podcasts from musicians/journalists.

Go Bayside - Now defunct, but comedian April Richardson would watch episodes of Saved by the Bell and then break them down with another comedian guest each week. So funny and worth a listen if you're of the era where SBTB were crucial.

The Jerks from Tower One - Friends of mine discussing The Simpsons. Doesn't update a ton, but awesome when it does.

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@suburbanxcore I've heard good things about How Did This Get Made, I should check it out.

What I've been listening to:

Dan Carlin's Hardcore History: I'm new to this one but I listened to his five-part series on the Mongols over the past couple of weeks and it was worth the time commitment. It's pop history, sure, but he's engaging, entertaining, and does a good of working through some fundamental historical arguments.

The Best Show: Three hours of mirth, music, and mayhem. You want the best, you got the best show indeed.

Henry & Heidi: Henry Rollins has a podcast where he tells stories. What more do I need to say.

StarTalk: I could do without the celebrity interview stuff, but listening to Neil deGrasse Tyson dropping science is always worthwhile.

Radiolab: Always excellent.

Love and Radio: This is people telling their stories, and seems to always involve a pretty high degree of intimacy and brutality. It's compelling.

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I mostly listen to Aussie shows, which might not be of interest to most of y'all, but there's a few American ones (and one awesome British one) on my list.

Podcasts | Nerdist - I find Chris Hardwick to be a fairly shit host, to be honest, but he gets some damn good guests. I do my best to ignore his incoherent fanboy blubbering and enjoy what the guest's got to offer. The recent episode with Mike Judge was fucking fantastic.

Stuff You Should Know: The Podcast - Just a couple of dudes talking about how various parts of the world, humans, technology and science work, but in a really easy-to-understand way. Some good humour mixed in.

QI : Quite Interesting - No Such Thing as a Fish. This is a podcast hosted by the research team behind the British comedy news panel show. They each present a bizarre fact and then joke around for a while.

Enjoy eh!

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