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Hi all,

My name is Rik. Im from the Netherlands. Been thinking of getting a tattoo quite a time now and know what i want as a design. Now the right artist :D

(This would be my first tattoo)

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Hi all, thank you for the warm welcome.

Amsterdam is really close for me but im willing to travel across the world for the right tattoo artist. Im looking for a artist that can combine Linescaping with colour (waterpaint).

If you guys know any I apreciate it alot. Ive seen Chaim Machlev and i love his lines but unfortnately he doesnt work with color alot.

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@rufio , the Canadian Colouring Book, at your service haha

- - - Updated - - -

@rufio i searched Jay Freestyle tattoos.

Not my thing at all. I think they may look exciting framed on the wall (or your PC desktop wallpaper zing!) but do nothing for me in terms of intensity and impact within tattooing as a medium. My opinion is that this tattoo style does not convey the power, the WHOA factor. I can't tell what it is from a distance, nevermind I can't really tell what's going on looking closely. It's confusing and complicated, trying too hard to be different. I think that tattoos in that style will lose their definition over time.

Airbrush-look tattoos...might look cool on the side of your boogie van but I think looks silly on the human body. But that's just me, not a fan.

Why get an abstract looking dragon or phoenix when you can just get a straight up bold dragon/phoenix/owl/whatever? A lot to be said about simplicity.

If you are interested in something more abstract as a tattoo, stick with black geometric design work and check out tattooers like Thomas Hooper, Gerhard Wiesbeck Tomas Tomas, Jondix, etc. There are a lot of tattooers around the world that may not be as well known as the above but can execute this style. It has that powerful primitive vibe, almost like a more intricate modern tribal tattoo.

(my bolding)

I quite agree.

Meant to link to these earlier this evening but the husband intervened with wine, so adding @bongsau 's quote here too.



Dave is an excellent tattooer, very, very versatile (@davedecrom) works in Rotterdam and possibly also Amsterdam.

- - - Updated - - -

a panther of his too, for the LST regulars :) <wine>


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@rufio I would suggest turning off your computer and looking at real tattoos instead. You said you're willing to travel, so I'd recommend going to a good convention and looking at tattoos there. Paris is this weekend, so it's probably too late for you to hop on a train and go to that one, but London is coming up in the fall, I believe in September or October. These are both world-class conventions and if you go you'll be able to see some of the best tattooing in the world in person. I know that when I started getting tattooed, seeing tattoos in person was really critical in helping me to understand what works about tattoos, what gives them, like @bongsau said, the WHOA factor. There were things that I thought were really impressive in pictures on the internet that were far less so when I saw them in person, never mind how they'll look with some years on them. There were other tattoos that I wasn't crazy about when I saw pictures of them, and I'm thinking of Chad Koeplinger's tattoos here specifically, but when I saw them in person they were so strong and bold and powerful and vibrant, and I immediately understood what I'd been missing in just seeing the pictures. The point is that tattoo isn't something you can meaningfully understand without leaving your desk chair. Good luck and I hope you find what you're looking for.
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