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Um, hi!

Miri Gatita

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Hello everyone!

I'm obviously new here, and quite new to tattooing as well. A friend referred me to this site as I'm always looking for insight, critique and new faces of course.

I've started my apprenticeship in May last year and have been tattooing in Hamburg, Germany since then.

One thing I didn't find in the rules - Is it okay to post tattoo pictures in my profile right away or should I wait a bit? I don't want to be rude or something.

Oh, and please bare with my English as it is my second language and I might not understand everything right away, especially slang terms... Thanks in advance :)

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Thanks for the warm welcome! :)

Yes, I know Tattoo Nouveau, about a decade ago I got my chestpiece done there by Chriss Dettmer before he opened his own shop. Since then I hadn't been there, but remember that the overall quality there is superb!

I work at Jungbluth Tattoo in Hamburg under the wing of Luis Bruna. Sadly, there are pics on the homepage I'm not proud of, most of them were taken months ago. The guy who takes care of the page isn't the fastest one :rolleyes:

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