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ross nagle

Chad Koeplinger guest spot!!

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Hey all. We have Chad Koeplinger coming to guest with us here at Allstar Tattoo Limerick city in Ireland this coming April. This will be Chads first time working in Ireland so it is a very rare opportunity. If you are interested in getting Some work done from Chad call the shop on 00353(0)61409439 , email or call into the shop to set it up.He is booking up pretty quick so be fast!!


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    • By ross nagle
      Hey Last Sparrowers
      I will be Back in the US end of this month. I start off in Dallas Texas at Elm Street Tattoo from April 30th- May 3rd, then Las Vegas for one day on the 4th(I may be tattooing here too), then The Fresno Tattoo Convention in California May 5th-6th, then down to Hollywood where I will be at Bob Roberts Spotlight Tattoo May 7th-8th, then ending my trip at Goldrush Tattoo in Costa Mesa California May 9th-12th.
      If interested in getting tattooed by me in any of these places you can email me at
      Looking forward to this one!
    • By Ursula
      Hey All,
      Being from Ontario I know how hard it can be to find good tattooers, especially doing Japanese work.
      For those interested you've got an awesome chance this month.
      Horitoshi1 family Horimitsu from Tokyo will be doing a guest spot at TCB Tattoo in Toronto from May 16th to 26th.
      The shop is located at 618 Queen St West (near the beer store). Open from 12-8pm daily.
      Appointments can be made by calling the shop at 416-203-1516.
      You can view his work here JAPANESE TATTOO
    • By Mike Panic
      Passing along for Little Chico from Black Cobra Tattoo who's guest spotting at a shop for 1 day

      Contact him directly, not me.
    • By Iwar
      Look what I just stumbled over!
      FST: On the Shoulders of Giants is a documentary film, currently in production by Stewart Robson, a tattooer at Frith Street Tattoo (FST) in London.
      This project is expected to be completed in late 2013.
      Shooting started in August 2012.
      Stewart has interviewed his friends and colleagues, some of them world-renown in tattoo circles but all of them have worked in the cramped infamous basement shop in the heart of London’s seedy soho district, to share this portrait of one of the most interesting, vibrant and influential modern tattoo shops.
      FST: On the Shoulders of Giants
      There's a bunch on cool teasers from the different interviews on the blog too. I'm super stoked for this to come out!
      You gotta share stuff like this with us @Stewart Robson
      - - - Updated - - -
      This was great by the way! (Also by Stewart)

    • By Lizzie
      Hello LST!
      I own a shop in Toronto that has hosted a bevy of amazing international artists in our first 18 months of operation and hope to host more. We have in-shop accommodations as half of our shop Is an old converted apartment.
      Speakeasy's approach to the guest spot is to offer our shop as an artists' sabbatical wherein you can paint and tattoo any hours you please, if our noon-7 doesn't fit your preferred schedule. Our manager, Hayden, is a force of nature booking people in and no one has left disappointed or under-paid for lack of jobs.
      We also host what will become an annual heavily advertised summer tour where www have 5 artists back to back who work for a small daily rent and can pocket as much cash as they can make, or as little if they just want to come up and be laid back! Last years roster was nikki balls, Josh Egnew, cla Dankmeyer, Adam sage, and Jason lambert, and we can't wait to see who will be part of this amazing project in 2011.
      All of our advertising for these projects are grassroots and safe for your travels: by postering and handing out handbills, you can be sure that a border guard cannot search your name and deny you entry upon Viewing easily googlable posts about your work trip.
      We can't wait to host all kind of new friends and share tips tricks and jokes.