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help assess the work

Margarita Yaschenko

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Hello. I want take a part in covention in my country. I was in tattoo convention in small our town early but will go to the big convention in that year (I used to go there with my husband and I went as guests, not as participants last 4 year).

And according to this interested in the quality of my work - whether they are suitable for recruitment experience at conventions or have to wait a couple of years with the participation?











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sorry for big many photos i don't know as i can resize it there(

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@Margarita Yaschenko wouldn't you rather hear opinions from your peers/tattooers, than strangers on the interwebs?

familiar tattooists can not always give an objective assessment of the fair, because they are still friends and acquaintances. They may feel my tatttoo are better than they really are because they just know me. So sometimes interesting view from the side.

it does not diminish the fact that I am of course I consult with my colleagues and friends of those whose opinion

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