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Hii everybody


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My name is gaby. I'm a 19 years old girl from the Netherlands and I had my first tattoo when i was 16. It's a tattoo on the inside of my upper arm. With the text "I hope you always find a reason to smile". My grandpa past away when I was nine years old and this was the last thing he said to me. So it really means a lot to me. Now I'm saving for a second tattoo. I really think a tattoo is a nice way to bring a massage. Or to find peace in for yourself. My tattoo is my reminder of my grandfather grandfather.

I'm saving for my second tattoo now.. I hope I can find someone here who will help me make a design cuz I really can't draw haha. So if someone is willing to help me with that, I really appreciate :$

Well time to explore the forum :p

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Welcome! Newb here too. I'd recommend just doing your research to find a reputable artist (don't know if any on here are from the netherlands) and then visualizing the idea while you tell them what you want. It'll make it easier for both of you, and they might surprise you with a mind blowing design!

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Thankyou for the tip.

I really like a design of the head of a wolf. It has to be a bit.. How can I say.. Frightening. Like a angry wolf. And in his mouth he is holding a chain with a old watch on the end of the chain. post-53485-146168877918_thumb.jpg

A bit like on this picture. And the leafs on the side of the chain have to be replaced bij feathers.

If you find someone who can design this.. Or perhaps you can do it. I would really appreciate

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@gabyham, Welcome to LST!

Take it to your tattoo artist and talk to him about the design you want. They will come up with something for you.

That's the best route when it comes to design.

There is plenty of awesome artist in your area that can take on your request.

Good luck!

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