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Hey guys got my first tattoos! Any recommendations on what to do with one of them?


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It was a friday 13th event at Voodoo in Las Vegas. I live and work here, only a few years now though. I figured it'd be a nice relevant souvenir for when I move and look back on the memories and stuff. The other one I did myself, no regrets ;).

Anyways, I was wondering if anyone would like to help me spice the Vegas one up a bit in the next few months. If you got photoshop skills or pencil sketching skills, I'd tremendously appreciate it if anyone wants to take a crack at designing something to go around, under, or through it. So I play guitar, favorite number is 11, I'm a libra, I like swords, Chinese dragons, Berserk, Final Fantasy, kundalini, chakras, DBZ, Tekken, Ryu, Akuma, martial arts, weapons, medieval family crests, asian/ancient/mythical writing, tigers, I'm year of the snake... Steve Vai, RHCP, deftones, System....

I was thinking it would be cool to have some kind of deep green, purple, black, red (the correct shades of each that would blend well, think psychedelic/forest like) rose going through or under it, maybe with the chinese dragon.... or something liek that. Really though whatever you feel like sketching, if you wanna take a crack at it. Throw it my way and I'm sure it'll help me think of what to give to my tattoo artist in a few months.

Also I got this jzys5tV.jpg?1 closer clearer picture for anyone that wants to try to photoshop it.

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No Rugrats?

/face palm....

Welcome to LST.

Its part of the for the tattooist to help you come up with a design. Give him a lead and he will design something for you.

Please get the "No Rugrats" laserd off... I KID I KID ;)

Good luck.

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