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Hi from Queens NY.

I'm 44 and just got my first tat this past December. Could never figure out until recently what i wanted on me forever, but now i'm working on my second.

Thanks to NY Adorned for their guidance and work on my ink, and their direction to here. :)

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hi there and welcome to the forum! there are many threads here im sure you'll be interested in and i hope that you will contribute your thoughts! pics please!!

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I've always been into ancient Egyptian history and myths, i'm hoping one day to go there, and maybe even on a dig. I'm also a pet lover, and have given a home to over a dozen strays through my adult life.

Soooooo..... i found a way to combine the two into pic #2:

After much research, i went down to NYA, and consulted with Damian Ross.

He was super nice, and he explained what would work best on the area i wanted it on. He drew it up, we made a couple of adjustments, and put pic #1 on my arm (pic taken a week after it was done):

I'm super happy with it.

For my next, i'm sticking with the Egyptian theme, and am trying to incorporate a couple of things into a scene, but i haven't decided whether i want my back or a quarter sleeve on my other arm. The first tat has life symbology on it, so the second will hopefully have death and rebirth. The focus will either be an Anubis figure or a phoenix figure.

I'm taking my time with it, so it could be a bit before i'm ready to talk to them, but i'd certainly go back to Damian, based on my initial experience.

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