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Hi, I'm naz! I'm joining here because of the ink i have on my wrist, its meant to be a dream catcher, it looks more like a grey circle with some leaves tied to it. I got it 4 years ago when i was 18. I still like the tat its just it does look more like a pen drawing and because the tattooist did it in grey, the tat looks about 20 years old! I was wondering if should get it touched up to look more like a tattoo, incorporate a mandala into it (or even turn the whole thing into a mandala, or just leave it alone. What do you all think? :)

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Welcome to LST!

You could do any of those things you suggest (rework, cover up, leave it). It just depends on how much it bothers you. I do agree that grey ink was a poor choice made by somebody.

My suggestion would be to not worry too much about this one and get an all new, awesome tattoo somewhere else on you (not by this artist!).

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