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My name is Clay, I got my first tattoo just last week, on Friday the 13th, my lucky number and my lucky day. I spent the better part of 2 years deciding exactly what I wanted. I knew that I wanted something for all 4 of my kids, I just didn't know what, where or how to start. That and I still had somewhat of an issue with my own self image and letting go of things from my past. Once I hit 36, the questioning and self image thing were no longer an issue. Anyway on to the tattoo and questions.

I wasn't sure how far along we would get last Friday when I went but we were able to get it all done since it was a slow day for the artist.

Artist is Cody Klein at Monument Tattoos in Tallahassee, FL.


Now on to my questions. The first tattoo is for my daughters, Morgan and Olivia, the rose was a very easy choice. I am now having a problem deciding what I want to do for my 2 boys, Cameron is 18 and Alex is 4, I want it to be one tattoo including both names but I am not sure on an image for it. I would like to ask for any and all ideas be thrown my way. Eventually I will have full sleeves.

Thanks in advance!!

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Welcome to LST! and great first tattoo Clay, keep heading in that direction. Now as far as a tattoo for your boys goes here are a few ideas, another rose(you can never have enough) Snake around a dagger, panther and tiger heads, ,eagle vs snake, snake vs dragon, pretty much any two animals battling, rose and snake, two hot stuff devils, crying and smiling baby heads. I dunno there is a few for you just to think about.

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    • Back at the shop yesterday to see Andrew (he did my most of my leg stuff plus a few others). Webs either side of my sternum heart. Once we finished, he said he will see how it heals and do some touch ups- and that we need sowing above the daggers to balance it. I suggested a mini Web, so we're going with that. Will be living in wire-free bras for a bit (material is softer so less irritation) while healing. I had to laugh , no bra and you can't even see the webs 🤣. Thanks kids and gravity.  I've booked a weekday with Kyle in August for my elbow, but I have an opportunity to teach so looks like I need to shuffle my elbow appointment yet again. I'm going to see if I can't get in earlier in the month.  Anyway, super happy with the webs, I fully expected to hate my life choices but it was one of the easiest ones yet. The bottoms of the mermaids sucked way more. This was just lots of vibrations. Happy days!
    • @rabbitrok @Dan , yeah can't go wrong with flowers! I have some little blossoms and the roses with more flowers to come. But I still stand by the skulls 💀 😍
    • "Friday the 13th tattoo" refers to a tradition where tattoo shops offer special deals on the 13th of the month if it falls on a Friday. Originating from the association of Friday the 13th with bad luck, this event has become a popular date for getting tattoos, often featuring spooky or superstitious themes. Tattoo enthusiasts and newcomers alike take advantage of discounted prices, typically $13 plus a $7 tip, totaling $20. The designs are usually pre-drawn flash tattoos, small and simple. This event combines fun, superstition, and art, making it a unique cultural phenomenon in the tattoo community.
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