CNC Tattoo Machine

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Not sure where to post this but Chris Eckert

Computer controlled tattoo machine that gives a random religious symbol tattoo.

Video :

What do you think?

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pretty interesting. that video uses a pen and I think technology is far away from being able to replicate that with a needle. Far too many variables of depth, skin stretch, etc. Not to mention a design is going to lose a lot of the soul that the artist brings to it.

perusing the artist's website and saw this video too. thought it was rad. surely others on here have played this game before too...

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Tattoos are very personal, I don't think tattooers will ever be replaced by technology in the slightest. I would never buy a painting made by a machine, nor would I get a tattoo made by one.

But you do, dont you? You buy a print of a hand painted peice of art, which the printing machine made. The CNC Machine would just be tattooing a human made design, making a copy onto someones skin. I used several CNC machines in Machine Shop in high school, and made quite a few custom metal peices. All of them were my designs, hand drawn. The machine just takes out the human error in applying it in my mind. I dont think it has to lose any of the soul of the image though.

All of that being said, it will be years and years before this is even close to possible, because of the things Jake mentioned.

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