How do they stay in business?

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One thing I just learned at the last tattoo convention I went too is that is all about expectations and how bad you want a tattoo. I definitely saw some stuff that made me wonder why would that person get tattooed by that artist.... But than I saw that they really like what they got and they really wanted a tattoo bad enough to not care...

If they wanted they will get it one way or another... If the expectation set and is there they wont care... Sad but it is what it is. I am just happy that they are happy.

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It looks pretty sad, but not as bad as this shop i pass everyday catching the train to go to work. It's called Millers Ink in Petts Wood and it's a barber shop at the front with a room for tattoos at the back, divided only by a door ( oh the igiene). Despite the weird set up and questionable work (google them or admire them on FB) they try to keep a very posh image, trying to appeal to all the hipsters in the area (they catch more chavs but ehi ho, at least they try lol)

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    • That looks you have some rash or skin condition. Go see your doctor. We aren't doctors here, and we can't diagnose anything.
    • Hello, new to the forum, I had some questions about white ink. I got a black and grey half sleeve in 2 sessions last year. September and December. I got some white highlights that have seemed to never heal properly. Some spots are red and raised, while others are normal looking. It's been 6 months since my second session and I still have raised spots. Is this normal? I went back to the shop after my first session and they were like yeah that's fine, nothing to worry about.  I've included some pictures.    Thanks for any input!
    • A picture or two would help us provide the realistic possibilities . . . 
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