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Awkward empty space between chest and shoulder and lack of creativity.


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So this shoulder "patch" of flash and chest piece is driving me nuts; more specifically, the negative space in between them seems awkward. I have to keep it quarter sleeve for professional reasons. I'm kind of getting the itch to ask an artist (yes I have one in mind)... to add new work to the space and make something cohesive and solid. Like I said in my intro thread: zero artistic creativity. I would be relying and completely dependent on the artist to tie my interests/desire together. I don't know how ok this is. Any thoughts or advice on would be appreciated... Sorry for the crappy mirror photo.



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things that look good in that space:



girl head


tudor rose

mace on a chain going over the shoulders and through the neck






GREAT list, thank you!

I guess I really wanted some other tattoo folks opinions. Seeing it every day, it's nice to get some outside perspective.

- - - Updated - - -

Actually, I think I had a stroke of inspiration this morning. Being born and raised in backwoods Florida, hear me out:

Traditional panther head, face on, but Florida Panther instead of the traditional black. Instead of daggers, Florida paleo-Indian spears/shell axe.

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